News and Events

News and Events

  • Tax-Efficient Real Estate Investment: A Multijurisdictional View - Mr. Schmidt was featured in Tax Notes in December 2018 in his joint article titled, “Tax-Efficient Real Estate Investment: A Multijurisdictional View”, where he discussed techniques and strategies that non US persons can  use to efficiently invest in US real estate. See Document
  • Global Investors Podcast - A new podcast is available on all podcast networks and you can find a link here: (Apple Podcasts), the YouTube video link is here: and the blog post is here: The show is available on a number of different platforms as well: Please share it with your social media network/email list […]


  • IR Global Meeting in Miami

    On January 22 through 25, 2020, Mr. Schmidt will participate in the IR Global meeting in Miami, Florida. As the organization’s designated Florida specialist on US federal income tax he will meet with attorneys and other professionals from all over the world to discuss trends and developments in the law and economy. You can follow his activities at #IRMIAMI20

  • Multi-Family Masters Meetup

    James A. Schmidt, Esq. will discuss legal strategies related to multi-family real estate investing at the next Multi-Family Masters Meetup on February 25 in Channelside, Tampa. For more details, click here