IR Global

IR Global

James A. Schmidt, Esq. is a proud member of IR Global.

Each member of the group passes a stringent vetting procedure upon joining ensuring only the finest firms are accepted.

General Counsel 

The firm provides general counsel to non US persons and business entities in their US affairs. This includes consultation on matters such as negotiating business transactions, entity formation, federal and state income tax compliance, banking and financial matters, real estate, business regulation, and customary business terms and practices. Mr. Schmidt’s prior experience as a US certified public accountant enhances his a unique ability to advise on a broad array of matters.

Business and Real Estate Transactions

Our firm provides counsel on corporate and business transactions, cross border investment, commercial real estate transactions, and other specialized structures depending on client needs. Mr. Schmidt has extensive experience in business structuring and formations, serving as lead counsel in merger and acquisition transactions and assets and stock sales, and commercial real estate transactions across all asset classes (e.g. apartments, office, and retail).

US Tax Services

Our tax practice complements our other practice areas and offers a valuable solution to non-US persons and businesses seeking to gain a comprehensive understanding of the individual and business activities in the United States. This practice includes compliance services, voluntary disclosure matters, business and estate planning, rendering tax opinions, and providing a range of advice on federal and state income tax matters. In our compliance practice, we offer a full array of tax form preparation services.  Mr. Schmidt also represents client before tax authorities in controversies, audits, compliance examinations, appeals and protests.

The firm’s several practice areas and its access to the IR Global network combine to give Mr. Schmidt the ability to offer the full range of services to close business transactions and provide the related banking, tax and compliance needs for non US persons and businesses. He is actively engaged in the cross border investment community and keeps his finger on the pulse of international business and trade.

Dedicated to Service

Before practicing law Mr. Schmidt worked as a Certified Public Accountant for eight years in both the audit and tax fields, and provided transaction services in public stock and debt offerings. Today, Mr. Schmidt’s practice caters to parties involved in sophisticated transactions that require transactional and tax advice and who prefer to receive it from the same counsel.